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WishMix: Wishlist Freeware Window-Shops for iTunes Oldies

WishMix: Wishlist Freeware Window-Shops for iTunes Oldies

Freeware makes playlists of song samplets from the iTunes store.

San Francisco, CA, January 17, 2006 WishMix, a company developing software
and services that merge entertainment with social interaction and
ecommerce, announced the availability of a new assortment of wishlists, for
free download from the company’s web site. Wishmix users now have a wide
selection of pre- “mixed” iTunes wishlists based on popular genres (such as
Hip-Hop/Rap and Jazz), Current Top 100, and Billboard Top 100 going back
many years (to 1946).

Started by former Apple developers, WishMix offers consumers the easiest
way to window-shop for new music at the Apple iTunes store, and share their
iTunes wishlist compilations with others.

Wishmix lets users create wishlists from the vast selection of music from
the iTunes store, that contain as many 30 second song samplets as they
like, in a “playlist” format of continous play, that they can share with
friends & family.

Using WishMix, consumers can passively sample music without having to
search for songs individually or to click on each one, as they currently
have to do shopping at iTunes alone.

“We wanted to give iTunes users the easiest way to sample music
recommendations and share them with their friends,” says Benjamin Factor,
Marketing Manager of WishMix. “It’s a great way of combining social
networking with ecommerce, since consumers are encouraged to share their
wishlists with friends.”

Pricing and Availability

WishMix is immediately available from the WishMix website at as a free download for Mac OS X 3.0 or newer.

About WishMix

WishMix provides entertainment-oriented software and services specifically
designed to encourage social interaction and ecommerce.

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