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Veenix Font Tools 4.2 gets enhanced type book creator tool

Veenix Software today announced the release of Veenix Font Tools 4.2, a major enhancement  to its Type Book Creator tool. Type Book Creator allows users to easily create type books or catalogs of their font collections, and prints without the need to first activate fonts. Enhancements to the Type Book Creator Tool include a redesigned user interface, seven-page layout options and many user customization options. Type Book Creator is an integrated feature of the Visual Font Database system, from which users can quickly preview, sort, activate/deactivate, export and backup all their fonts. Several new font searches were also implemented to facilitate the Type Book Creator tool, including an alpha search to find/print all fonts beginning with a given character or a range of characters; such as all fonts beginning with the letter “A” or all fonts in the range of “C-E.” Veenix Font Tools is priced at US$49.95.

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