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Macworld announces ‘Best of Show Awards’

IDG’s Macworld magazine today announced the winners of the “Macworld Best of Show Awards,” representing the “most exciting hardware and software products announced at Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco.” Jim Dalrymple, editor online for Macworld, presented the awards on the show floor today. The winners are as follows: MacBook Pro from Apple, iLife ’06 from Apple, Lightroom from Adobe, iSee 360i from Advanced Technology Office, EyeTV 2 from Elgato, Suitcase Fusion from Extensis, Google Earth from Google, MemoryMiner by GroupSmarts, JBL On Time from JBL, LightZone 1.0 from Light Crafts, Marware Project X, Techtool Protege from Micromat, Browseback from Smile on My Mac, and Docktopus from Startly Technologies.

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