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eSellerate’s Embedded Web Store for Mac

eSellerate Announces Innovative Sales Solution for Macintosh Software

(LINCOLN, NE – USA) In support of Macintosh software developers,
eSellerate today announced the public beta release of their next-
generation in-application sales solution, the Embedded Web Store for
Macintosh. This release is designed specifically as a Universal (universal
binary) sales solution for Macintosh software and will run on both Intel-
and PowerPC-based Mac computers.

The Embedded Web Store empowers the developer to add all of the features of
eSellerate’s Custom Web Store right into their applications. A simple call
from within the software launches a familiar web-based interface taking
customers through an online sales process that is more recognizable to
them. Upon completion of the purchase, serial number information can then
be passed directly back into the application, automatically making it a
fully registered product.

“Apple’s announcement of the new Intel-based computers is an exciting
challenge for the Macintosh community,” stated eSellerate Marketing
Director, Patrick Lambrecht. “In response, we have released our newest
Embedded Web Store solution that will aid Macintosh developers by helping
to establish a comprehensive branded sales experience.”

To learn more about eSellerate visit To download the
public beta version of the Embedded Web Store for Macintosh, visit the
download section available from the home page.

NOTE: EWS for Mac has been extensively tested on both PowerPC-based Macs
and Intel-based DTS development systems made available by Apple prior to
the release of the Intel-based iMac and MacBook Pro.

About eSellerate
eSellerate is a leading software commerce provider focused on providing the
tools and solutions for software publishers and other digital goods
providers engaging in digital distribution and sales strategies. Founded
from within MindVision Software, the leading provider of installer
utilities like Installer VISE since 1987, they offer groundbreaking
solutions to some of the largest software companies in the world, such as
Apple, Microsoft and Adobe.

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