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JAMF’s Casper Suite simplifies, lowers costs of Intel transition

JAMF’s Casper Suite simplifies, lowers costs of Intel transition

San Francisco, Jan 10th, 2006: JAMF Software’s Casper Suite becomes the
only client management utility to successfully replace processor-specific
software automatically. Casper replaces software packages based on
processor type, lowering support costs and time as companies switch from
PowerPC to Intel based Apple Computers. With Apple Computer’s announcement
of CODE NAME, shipping DATE, organizations who have created standard images
for their current base of computers, will have to create new images,
packages and configurations. As the new computers are introduced special
builds will be required to accommodate third party developers who have not
yet created universal binaries. The challenges created in maintaining and
tracking the different configurations is made easier through The Casper

Schedule a demo of the Casper Suite by visiting or
call 612-605-6625 for a personalized consultation. Visit JAMF Software at
booth #107 at MacWorld San Francisco, January 10-13, 2006

JAMF Software simplifies the life of the professional Macintosh system
administrator through the Casper Suite of software package creation and
deployment tools. JAMF was founded in 2002 by system administrators who are
passionate about streamlining change management.

For additional information please contact Chip Pearson, Partner, Strategy
and Development at (612) 605-6625 or

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