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JAMF unveils Composer 3.0. Create Packages at no cost

JAMF unveils free, stand-alone version of Composer 3.0

San Francisco, Jan 10th, 2006: Point-and-click software package creation
now comes at no cost

Composer 3.0 is a package creation utility for the Mac OS known best for
its unrivaled simplicity and power. The ability to point and click to
create packages in either the .dmg or .pkg format opens up the world of
package creation to all system administrators. Composer creates packages
by scanning a target hard drive before and after software installation and
then bundles the differences between the two into a Package. In response
to the popularity of Composer and community requests for a stand-alone
version, JAMF Software decided to release this component of the Casper
Suite at no charge.

* Rapidly creates .dmg or .pkg packages.
* Scans hard drives and composes packages based on known applications.
* Ability to exclude files from scanning.
* 30% faster hard drive scanning of computers.
* Composer and the entire Casper Suite is compatible with PowerPC and x86
Apple computers.

Composer can be downloaded by completing the form found at
Visit JAMF Software at booth #107 at MacWorld San Francisco, January 10-13,

JAMF Software simplifies the life of the professional Macintosh system
administrator through the Casper Suite of software package creation and
deployment tools. JAMF was founded in 2002 by system administrators who are
passionate about streamlining change management.

For additional information please contact Chip Pearson, Partner, Strategy
and Development at (612) 605-6625 or

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