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CourseWizard 5.3

Waves in Motion announces the release of CourseWizard 5.3 – Professional
Development made Easy!

Phoenix, AZ – January 6, 2006 — Waves is Motion is proud to announce major
enhancements to its popular professional development tool CourseWizard. One
of the most exciting enhancements is the ability to pay for class online at
the time of registration.

A free online demo is available at

What’s new in 5.3?

-customize the login page

-create custom user and location fields

-import new users and locations

-retrieve a lost/forgotten password or force a password change on the next

-offer a course by invitation only

-offer course related links after registration

-offer paid courses and pay for classes online

No Child Left Behind has created a greater need for teachers and
administrators with enhanced skills and additional education. CourseWizard
has a feature-set rich with the resources administrators, instructors, and
participants need most. CourseWizard is a constantly evolving solution.
Many of the new features come at the request of our current clients!

What is CourseWizard?
CourseWizard reduces operating expenses by streamlining the professional
development process. CourseWizard is a simple, rock-solid web application
that helps orchestrate your professional development program quickly and
effectively. It allows Administrators of professional development programs
to focus on people instead of paperwork. No person should be left behind!

CourseWizard houses all the information pertaining to your professional
development program. It helps you maintain information regarding your
course catalog, course locations, participants, instructors, course
evaluations, transcripts, surveys and more. Because the information is
centralized, CourseWizard can tie important information together to answer
questions about your professional development program — like how much
interest there is in the off-site location, who is behind on training, or
how you’re doing with state standards compliance.

What makes CourseWizard run? CourseWizard is a browser-based application
that utilizes Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, and JSP technology to deliver a robust
web application for managing the entire professional development process.
It also includes a companion FileMaker Pro 7/8 database for custom data
analysis and reporting.

If you’re tired of the headaches associated with administering your
continuing education program, and you’re ready to try an easy-to-use,
web-based continuing education program, visit and see
the power of CourseWizard for yourself.

Waves in Motion is a full-service development and consulting firm
specializing in database enabling technolog ies. We offer database needs
analysis, custom development, consulting, and co-located web hosting. Waves
in Motion is the creator of popular developer tools, solutions and plug-ins
including Analyzer, Events, eAuthorize, eAuthorize Advanced and Security
Manager. Waves in Motion is a Partner Member of the FileMaker Solutions
Alliance and a member of the Apple Premier Developers Program.

Imagine the things you can do!

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