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Airfoil 2: Any type of audio to Airport Express and more

Airfoil 2 Pumps The Volume Up And Rocks the House Down!

Macworld Expo, San Francisco, CA – From booth #431 at Macworld San
Francisco, Rogue Amoeba Software is pleased to release Airfoil 2.0 to the
world! When it was released back in March, Airfoil was designed as a
companion to the AirPort Express, enabling any audio (not just iTunes) to
be sent to the device. With version 2, however, Airfoil is taking things to
a whole new level.

Starting things off with a bang, Airfoil 2 makes it possible to send audio
to multiple AirPort Express units simultaneously and in sync! Using Airfoil
and multiple AirPort Express units, it’s possible to “wire” a house for
audio, wirelessly, for a fraction of the cost of more expensive audio
players. To add audio to a room, just plug in an AirPort Express (and
speakers, of course), and Airfoil can send the audio there. Heck, not even
iTunes can do that, but Airfoil will work with iTunes!

In addition to this killer new feature, Airfoil 2 has added many additional
new features and updates. It can now send audio to password- protected
speakers, as well as adding audio effects like a 10-band equalizer to any
transmitted audio. Further, Airfoil can now send audio directly from
Dashboard widgets, USB radios like the RadioShark, general audio devices
like microphones, and even all System Audio, using the SoundFlower
component. Top all that off with a sleek new GUI and full
AppleScriptability, and you’ve got a heck of an update.

Key New Features In Airfoil 2:

* Support For Multiple AirPort Express Units
* Support for sending audio to password-protected units
* Audio Effects, including a 10 band equalizer, as well as volume and
balance controls
* Support for sending audio to password-protected units
* Send audio from new sources, including USB radios, Dashboard widgets,
and audio devices
* Send all audio playing on the system
* Support for sending audio to password-protected units
* Includes and supports Smart Crash Reporting
* Fully Applescriptable

Airfoil 2 is immediately available as a free demo from the Airfoil
website. Version 2 is a free update for licensed users, new users can
purchase Airfoil through the Rogue Amoeba store for just $25. While
unregistered, Airfoil will overlay noise on all transmissions longer
than 10 minutes.

Airfoil information link:

Airfoil in action:

New In Version 2:

Direct download link:

Rogue Amoeba Background

Rogue Amoeba Software, LLC is a privately held software company based
minutes outside of Princeton, New Jersey. Rogue Amoeba creates powerful,
innovative tools for OS X, and has a good time doing it. Rogue Amoeba’s
founders carry a tradition of superb Macintosh products, with a focus on
audio. Rogue Amoeba’s product line includes the wildly popular Audio Hijack
series for audio recording, the audio broadcasting tool Nicecast, and
AirPort Express extender Airfoil.

For more information on Rogue Amoeba Software, please visit http://

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