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iSee, The First Video Recorder For iPod To Debut At Ces


LAS VEGAS — to be announced January 5, 2005 — Advanced Technology Office,
LLC (ATO) announced today the iSee video recorder for iPod, the first and
only portable media player that enables users to record video content
directly onto most Apple iPods and then view it on a high-quality 3.6 inch
LCD screen.

The iSee video recorder for iPod extends the functionality of most Click
Wheel iPods to include music, photos, video recording, storage and
playback. With the iSee video recorder, iPod users will record and store
their favorite shows and movies directly from TV, cable, satellite, DVR or
any other analog source. In addition to viewing on the iSee, video files
can be played back on any TV with an “analog in” connection at standard 640
X 480 TV resolution.

The first iSee video recorder for iPod is the iSee 360i.

“With the iSee video recorder millions of iPod owners can add the power of
video to their unit without having to purchase a new one,” said John C.
Scott, ATO co-founder and former Apple executive. “The iSee video recording
capability also dramatically expands the universe of content playable on
the iPod.”

The iSee 360i works with most fourth generation iPods, including the 20GB
Click Wheel, the 20GB U2 edition, and the iPod mini (adapter required). In
addition, the iSee works with many fifth generation iPods including the
30GB iPod, iPod nano, (adapter required) and 30 GB iPod with video (adapter

Lightweight, Portable Design Easily Integrates with Standard iPods

Measuring 6 X 3.2 X 1.1 inches and weighing only 6 ounces, the iSee 360i
offers a lightweight, portable design that when connected to an iPod
provides the look and feel of a single, integrated unit. The iPod slides
into place inside the back of the iSee video device — providing the user
with a 91% larger viewing area than the iPod with video — without
dramatically increasing the overall form factor.

The iSee 360i features the COACH7 Zoran (ZRAN) chipset adapted for video

The iSee 360i is powered by a rechargeable and replaceable 2200mAh battery
that extends the life of the host iPod to four hours, nearly double the
battery life of the iPod with video. Additional batteries are also

“The iSee video recorder’s extended battery life and 3.6 inch screen will
be particularly attractive to frequent travelers,” added Scott.

ATO Helps Users Manage Their Video, Photo, and Music Content

ATO also announced a new content management portal,, where
iSee users can download, upload, and manage all iSee video, photo and music
content. Music and video content can also be downloaded from a user’s
computer to the user’s iPod and then played by the iSee video device.

The iSee 360i installer loads desktop and device software, including music,
photo, and video files. The iSee desktop application software is used for
file manipulation and firmware downloads, while the device application
software, with a sophisticated user interface for easy manipulation and
management, controls the iSee video device.

Pricing and Availability

The iSee 360i has an MSRP of $249 and will begin shipping in the first
quarter of 2006. For more information, visit

About ATO

Advanced Technology Office, LLC, (ATO) develops and markets video products
for the Apple iPod. ATO was founded in 2004 by Silicon Valley veterans,
including former Apple executives John C. Scott and Wolfgang Dirks.

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