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MacPOSX: Retail Point-of-Sale Software Featuring AuthPayX CC

Crossman Software announces MacPOSX
Retail Point-of-Sale software featuring AuthPayX CC software for Mac OS X

For Immediate Release

Erie, Pennsylvania/ Naperville, Illinois — Crossman Software today announced the availability of its MacPOSX product
for Mac OS X featuring integration with Parallel Software’s AuthPayX credit card processing software. MacPOSX (Pro)
provides point-of-sale (POS) functionality including inventory management,
UPC scanning, barcode printing and web-based selling features, for small to
medium sized retail chains and business owners.

Crossman Software started its operation in 1984 and is the oldest
continuously running designer of POS software for Apple Macintosh in the
USA. MacPOSX gives retail business owners the benefit of their knowledge in
this domain over the last 25 years and is now extending this software to
allow for Internet selling of products and services using the same MacPOSX

MacPOSX (Pro) is a mature suite of POS software subsystems that offer such
features as optional touch screen interface and display poles that are now
available in the traditional Macintosh user-friendly manner.

A web shopping cart feature is planned for an upcoming release enabling
MacPOSX to integrate directly with your web-based online store.

According to Crossman Software’s CEO, Steve Crossman, “the ability to
process credit card transactions with the largest credit and debit card
processor in the world provides a unique advantage to our customers. Our
new products give the smaller retailer the same advantages as the large
corporate retailers with a significantly lower price point of entry into
this marketplace.”

According to Parallel’s C.E.O and President John McMahon, “our entire
family of AuthPayX products allows Mac business owners the ability to
process a whole range of payment processing options simply and
elegantly–comparable to the large retail chains. We are pleased with the
business relationship with Crossman Software. We both want to empower the
smaller retailer with tools to compete globally in this age of the

You can request a free trial version of the latest version of MacPOSX
software at

A free demonstration version of AuthPayX can be obtained by downloading:

For more information, including a free trial, contact:

Located in Erie, Pennsylvania, Crossman Software provides a rich foundation
for differing types of services and features that a retail establishment
needs to have to be competitive yet have the ease of use of the Macintosh

First Data is the world’s largest credit card processor in the world and
can be located at:

Their clients include McDonald’s Corporation, Walmart Corporation and the
majority of the retail food and gas station in the USA. They have locations
in 80 different countries.

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