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Clone X 2.0.2

TRI-EDRE is pleased to announce the avaibility of Clone X 2.0.2

(*) This is a free update for owners of Clone X 2.x.

Clone X 2

Clone X is a disk copy utility for Mac OS X.

Clone X features the copy of an entire disk to another disk, or to a set of
CDs or DVDs. Copies are fully functional. Clone X provides restoration
features as well, and bootable CD creation.

Clone X offers a set of tools to efficiently do your copies, including:

– the copy of entire disk with all their caracteristics, applications,
users and their documents and settings
– the copy of disks, without the Users data (for example to create a master
that can be used to install the same System and applications on different
– the restoration of your disk, to put it back into a previous state and
contents (as it was during the copy).
– the creation of OS X bootable CD including your applications
– the creation of disk with a minimal System (for a small or emergency
disk, for test, etc.).
– disks comparison.

Clone X was specially designed for Mac OS X, Panther, and Tiger.

This version can be downloaded here:

A trial version is available and features all functions.

What’s new in this version?

Clone X 2.0.2

– add OS X 10.4.3 compatibility and latest machines for the creation of
Tiger’s bootable CD.

Clone X 2.0.1

– can create Tiger’s bootable CD.
– add Widgets when creating a minimal System.
– skip Spotlight data base when copying a volume (Tiger).

Price : 69 Euros (download) – Upgrade from Clone’X 1: 45 Euros
(*) This is a free update for owners of Clone X 2.x.

Availibility: now

Configuration: Mac OS X 10.3 and higher

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