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Syngress publishes ‘OS X for Hackers at Heart’

Syngress Publishing today announced the publication of “OS X for Hackers at Heart” (432 pages), which shows hackers how to torque the most powerful features of Mac OS X for wireless networking, wardriving, software development, pen testing, automation, and more. “With sexy hardware, a powerful operating system, and easy-to-use applications, Apple has made OS X the operating system of choice for hackers everywhere. But as great as OS X is out of the box, hackers are eager to push the limits of what it was designed to do. Tweak and tune both software and hardware to start penetration testing or software development. See how the best and brightest use OS X for cutting-edge research, development, and just plain fooling around.” “OS X for Hackers at Heart” carries a retail price of US$49.95.

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