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Kitchen Companion 100, featuring Bluetooth announced

IntelliScanner today announced the Kitchen Companion 100, the Company’s new barcode scanner and software bundle for grocery shopping and nutrition/recipe management. Kitchen Companion is powered by an Internet-enabled database of over 300,000 grocery items. Users simply scan the barcode, then download the information to the software for complete details including the name, brand, category, shopping section, and size. Users can print out a categorized shopping list, or send the list to an iPod, Palm, or cell phone. Kitchen Companion offers advanced quantity management, scan in/out capabilities, consumption history, physical location tracking, custom searching, dynamic shopping lists, and nutrition information from the USDA. Kitchen Companion 100 is available with a Bluetooth wireless interface for US$279.00, and a “tethered” USB model for use while at a computer only is available for $179.00. The product is available for pre-order, shipping January 9, 2006 at MWSF.

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