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XtremeMac announces MicroShield for video iPod

XtremeMac today announced MicroShield, a clear protective case for the video iPod. This two-piece case snaps onto the front and back of the iPod, providing the body and screen with protection from scratches while highlighting its sleek design. MicroShield comes with one front and two rear panels: one with an integrated, low-profile belt clip, and one without. “The design of the new iPod is so striking that we decided to build a protective case that truly showcases it,” said Gary Bart, CEO of XtremeMac. “MicroShield has been our most popular case for the iPod nano, and looks to be just our leading case for the new iPod.” MicroShield is priced at US$24.95 and is available in 30GB and 60GB models. The new case should start shipping in one to two weeks.

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