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pdfAutoOptimizer: Automated transparency flattening

pdfAutoOptimizer: Automated transparency flattening

You are tired of spending your time on flattening PDF transparencies
manually? Your are annoyed of bad print output caused by incorrect PDF
transparency conversions? You don’t want to deal any longer with customer
complaints and supplementary print productions?

callas pdfAutoOptimizer helps you to get these problems solved by
automating and standardizing transparency flattening in PDF files. The
Plug-In addresses the “PDF Optimizer”-feature in Adobe Acrobat and allows
unattended transparency flattening, based on callas AutoPilot/Hotfolder
technology. In order to avoid color rendering errors, pdfAutoOptimizer also
removes all ICC profiles, which have been attached to the PDF file.

pdfAutoOptimizer is available for Adobe Acrobat 7 and requires Windows
2000/XP as a platform. Pricing is 2,499 Euro. Customers and prospects
already running callas AutoPilot can take advantage of their license and
purchase pdfAutoOptimizer for an update price of 1,499 Euro.

A free trial of pdfAutoOptimizer can be downloaded at:

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