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LaCie Introduces New SAFE Mobile Hard Drives

LaCie Introduces New SAFE Mobile Hard Drives With Hardware Encryption and
Biometric Control Access

November 14, 2005

* New hardware encryption with DES or Triple-DES modes
* Unlock the drive by fingerprint recognition
* Protect confidential files from unauthorized use
* Compact bus-powered Hi-Speed USB 2.0 hard drive*

Today LaCie introduces a new version of its revolutionary biometric access
hard drive: SAFE Mobile Hard Drive with Encryption with new DES or
Triple-DES hardware encryption in 40GB, 80GB and now largest 120GB
capacity. The new encrypted model allows people to choose between different
levels of security depending on their needs.

LaCie SAFE with Encryption is ideal for transferring and carrying sensitive
data without fear of misuse, unauthorized access or intellectual property
theft if in the wrong hands. Fingerprint authentication grants access to
the drive. Compact SAFE drive casing is small enough to fit comfortably in
a shirt pocket or bag. With advanced hardware encryption the highly
portable LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive with Encryption offers ultimate
storage security for confidential files.

“We have incorporated the latest access control and encryption technologies
and now offer two security level choices for addressing any professional or
individual need for completely safe data storage,” says Marie Renouard,
LaCie Product Manager. “SAFE is the best deterrent for snoops who try to
access your private files whereas SAFE with Encryption is better for those
who need absolute security for their data.”

LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive with Encryption guarantees the highest-level
protection for confidential files by employing hardware encryption in
addition to biometric access technology. Data stored on the drive can be
encoded in either DES (56-bits key) or Triple-DES (128-bits key) mode.**
The encryption key depends on a 24-character pass phrase stored onboard
making each drive unique and impossible to hack. Up to five different users
can be registered with customized access privileges such as read/write or

Non-encrypted versions, called LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drives, are also
available for people who simply need protection of their professional
information at work, to safeguard files while on the road, and for parental
control at home. These drives are accessed by fingerprint authentication
but do not include hardware encryption.

LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drives with Encryption will be available immediately
for pre-order via the LaCie Store at and through
LaCie’s specialized dealer network in December 2005 at the suggested retail
prices below. Drives are 4200rpm (120GB) or 5400rpm (40GB/80GB) with 8MB
cache. For detailed product information, visit

40GB LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive with Encryption SKU 300810 $219.99
80GB LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive with Encryption SKU 300814 $269.99
120GB LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive with Encryption SKU 300818 $399.99

About LaCie

LaCie creates external storage solutions and color monitors that help
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Powerful technology combined with unique designs by the internationally
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