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Mimer SQL Database Server for Tiger

Mimer Information Technology Announce Latest Mac Versions of Popular Mimer
SQL Database Server

Uppsala, Sweden — November 15 2005 — Database company Mimer Information
Technology, a leading developer of enterprise and mobile database products,
today announces the immediate release of Mimer SQL for Mac OS X version
10.4 “Tiger” and Mac OS X Server version 10.4 “Tiger”.

Mimer SQL has a long and proven track record as an enterprise database
server for mission critical systems all over the world. Mimer SQL is in use
in many turnkey software solutions from independent software vendors where
the product’s zero maintenance and “install & forget” concept attracts both
software developers and end users.

“We have been closely following Apple’s success with both Tiger and Tiger
Server and we are convinced of their long-term potential in the enterprise
environment,” said Magnus Hedencrona, CEO, Mimer Information Technology.
“We see significant upside for Mimer SQL on Mac OS X Tiger and are excited
about partnering with end-user server customers and independent software
vendors who require a proven embedded database for their volume products.”

“Full support for open standards, legendary ease of use and robust
Unix-like stability are behind the strong momentum of Tiger and Tiger
Server in enterprise markets,” said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of
Worldwide Developer Relations. “We’re delighted that Mimer SQL continues to
take full advantage of Apple innovation to develop new versions of its
powerful database product.”

Mimer SQL is one of the most open database management system on the market
with full support for established database standards like ISO SQL: 1999,
ISO PSM for stored procedures and functions, JDBC and ODBC. The extensive
multi lingual capabilities include support for Unicode 4.0 and predefined
sort and search rules (collations) for more than 125 different languages
including Japanese and Chinese.

Mimer SQL is a cross platform product available also on Linux, Unix and
Windows. Mimer has also extended its database server technology to smart
phones and other mobile devices. This has created a unique cross platform
support, where the same Mimer SQL product that handles thousands of
simultaneous users on enterprise servers also is available on mobile phones
and PDAs from vendors like HP, Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

In conjunction with the release of Mimer SQL for Tiger and Tiger Server,
Mimer is announcing an introductory offer, where a 10-user run-time license
for Mac OS X Tiger or Tiger Server costs USD 995, and a run-time license
for an unlimited number of users costs USD 1790.

Full function developer and evaluation licenses of Mimer SQL for Mac OS X
Tiger and Mac OS X Server Tiger can be downloaded for free from the Mimer
SQL developer site (

About Mimer Information Technology AB
Mimer Information Technology is a world leader in the field of zero
maintenance DBMSs with its Mimer SQL product. Mimer SQL is an easy-to-use,
high performance and scalable DBMS available for Mac OS X, OpenVMS,
Windows, Linux and other Unix platforms. With Mimer SQL Mobile, the Mimer
SQL product range is extended to smart phones and PDAs from e.g. HP, Nokia
and Sony Ericsson. Examples of customers using Mimer SQL for their
mission-critical systems are Volvo Cars (Sweden), National Blood Service
(England) and DJ Galvanizing (Canada).

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