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Marratech Manager Web-Collaborations Solution

Marratech Sets Industry Standard for Web-based, Real-time Collaboration
with Support for H.323 Standard that Crosses Multiple Platforms

Leading Provider of Virtual Office Solution Enables the Use of Traditional
Video Conferences Across Windows, Macintosh and Linux Platforms

Morristown, NJ -November 2, 2005 – Marratech, a leading global developer of
Web collaboration solutions, has announced that, with the newest changes to
its Marratech Manager Web-collaborations solution, it has become the only
integrated Web-based, real-time collaboration solution to enable the
inclusion of participants on multiple platforms in a traditional video
conference. The company’s most recent update to its Marratech Manager
software made Marratech the first real-time collaboration provider to
introduce integrated H.323 standard for Windows users.

“We are seeing substantial growth in the area of interest in real-time
collaboration across the internet, but a few potential users in education
and enterprise have been holding back worried about their existing
investment in video equipment,” said Lars Persson, CEO of Marratech. “Now
there is no reason for anyone not to move into the next communications

Built-in support for the H.323 audiovisual conferencing standard into its
Marratech Manager server software enables the user to leverage its existing
video conferencing investment while taking full advantage of the emerging
Web-collaboration market. The cross platform capabilities of Marratech
means remote people using any computer or laptop on the Windows, Macintosh
and Linux computer platforms can include those using dedicated video
conferencing facilities in their interactive meetings or conferences.

Now, all users of Marratech Manager 3.2 can communicate with the current
versions of major video conferencing applications that support the standard
for video and audio communications. “Integration of H.323 into our server
application allows for a seamless connection, while other Web-based
products demand the use of bridges and complex set up before they will work
with video systems,” adds Persson.

Marratech Manager provides state-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities
across the internet from the user’s computer. Using a Webcam and a headset
they can work effectively and efficiently even from remote locations.
Marratech Manager provides all the necessary tools, including high-quality
voice communications, live video, messaging, application sharing and an
interactive whiteboard. Meeting attendees enter a virtual meeting room with
a single click on a URL. They can see and speak to each other, and share
documents and applications. The software provides a secure connection over
the Internet via any high speed broadband connection.

=46or more information on Marratech and any of its products and services,
visit the company’s Web site at

About Marratech
Marratech AB is a global company based in Sweden that develops and markets
software solutions which enable remote groups and individuals to
collaborate and interact over the Internet. The company’s distance learning
products are based on research that began in 1995 at the Centre for
Distance-Spanning Technology (CDT) at Lule=E5 university of Technology,
Sweden. Marratech is being used by companies across the world and has won
several industry awards and accolades including the 2001 European IST
Prize. The company is owned by Swedish mutual funds as well as its
employees and founders. It has operations in the United Kingdom, throughout
Europe, the USA, Australia and the Far East, as well as an extensive and
rapidly expanding network of resellers and agents. For more information,

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