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Koingo Announced Password Retriever 5.0

Koingo Announced Password Retriever 5.0!

Today Koingo Software is proud to announce the brand-new,
completely-overhauled, version of Password Retriever which now stands at
version 5.0. Amongst the numerous stability enhancements, features, and
modifications, this latest version also comes for Windows XP, not just Mac
OS X! Use the same database and same license code on both systems!

The list of changes would scare nearly anyone by its length (see the
release notes at the bottom of this document). Password Retriever is hardly
the same product anymore! It has evolved into a complete database solution!
Securely store logins, passwords, credit card numbers, customer databases,
URLs, notes, or whatever else you can think of with up to 448-bit Blowfish

YOU custom create the fields which data can go in, and add as many as you’d
like – never again be stuck with pre-defined fields from a software
business. Easily navigate through your records (services) through a
globally floating window accessible from any application, and even have
Password Retriever automatically log you into some servers with the click
of a single button.

The list goes on, but a 15 day free trial is a much better idea! Grab your
copy today. Upgrades are always free for previous users of our software.
New codes can be grabbed under the Customers area of our site. After the 15
day trial, a license code must be purchased for US$15.95 if you wish to
continue using the product.

Grab your copy now!

Mac OS X 10.2 Download:

Windows XP Download:


More Information:



Version 5.0 – November 1st, 2005
New Feature: Import from 4.5.3 through 4.6.3 option.
New Feature: Now Windows/PC compatible!
New Feature: Do Not Open Home Database on launch feature added.
New Feature: Databases remember the last viewed category on save/reopen.
New Feature: Force show all services when a database is open instead of
the previously open one.
New Feature: Remembers toggled bullets option for each database.
New Feature: New clipboard clearing options.
New Feature: Saves column widths.
New Feature: Remembers view options for each category.
New Feature: UNLIMITED custom fields.
New Feature: UNLIMITED categories.
New Feature: Re-arrange custom fields in each service.
New Feature: Create custom fields on the fly!
New Feature: Re-arrange categories.
New Feature: Variety of custom field types.
New Feature: New formats for viewing the date.
New Feature: Select All
New Feature: Can have more than one open service at a time.
New Feature: Recent Files menu.
New Feature: Unfiled category.
New Feature: Replaced Auto-Close with Auto-Quit when idle.
New Feature: Can now define preset field types for each database and
individual categories!!
New Feature: Service created date added.
New Feature: Service synchronized date added.
New Feature: Color labeling for services.
New Feature: You can now choose which database the Quick Browser uses.
New Feature: Much more powerful find function (includes RegEx).
Modification: Replaced Local and Global Browser with the Quick Browser.
Always on top.
Modification: Backup/restore options removed. Just use “Save As…” to
make a copy for backup.
Modification: Can no longer edit multiple services at once. This feature
is virtually useless now with the new improvements we made.
Enhancement: Faster encryption.
Enhancement: Program Logging is more efficient.
Enhancement: Much more powerful import/export functions.
Bug Fix: Password Ask window now functions better when Full
Keyboard Access is enabled.
Bug Fix: Check for Updates menu item now properly spawns the
Preferences window and checks for updates.
Bug Fix: Quick Browser no longer leaves information in the panel
when the database is closed. When the database you
selected in the Quick Browser is closed, it defaults to
the next foremost one (if existent) and begins with
the first service). Otherwise, it clears the fields.
Bug Fix: Should properly support UTF8 everywhere in the program now.
Most notable problem before was the alert boxes.
Bug Fix: No longer incorrectly aligns the category button in the

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