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CodeWarrior Development Studio for Mac OS v10

CodeWarrior Development Studio for Mac OS v10

Product available only as a download

Two Download Versions Available:

Version 1: Free Learning Edition –allows for students and hobbyist to use
CodeWarrior with a limited usage license, with no technical support.

Version 2: CodeWarrior Development Studio Professional Download– only $99
(plus shipping and handling and applicable taxes) and will allow all former
Macintosh developers to update and archive their Mach-O and CFM/ PEF

CodeWarrior Development Studio for Mac OS v10 unleashes your imagination to
develop C, C++, and Objective-C applications faster than ever. Version 10
includes a broad array of features that enhance productivity and shorten
development cycles:

* CodeWarrior tools have PowerPlant — the most popular C++
framework for Mac OS development. Version 10 also includes PowerPlant X
framework for Mach-O development, which allows developers to write native
Mac OS X code using Mac OS X supported features.

* PowerPlant can be ported to Apples Intel based operating systems.
These tools feature the fast compiler and build system available for the
Mac platform, with enhanced code generation and build speed improvements in
this version.

* The debugger includes a breakpoints view window, profile
information viewer and trace view window. The IDE project window includes a
new tab for creating application packages that enables arbitrary
user-specific layout, and allows drag-and-drop copying of any file or
folder to the package.

* Version 10 includes support for Objective-C: code completion,
syntax coloring, search comments and more. With the purchase of this
product, you will receive free technical support for 30 days from date of
product activation.

CodeWarrior Advantage

The CodeWarrior IDE has everything you need in one easy-to-use tool suite:
an advanced project manager, build system, source-code editor, compilers,
linkers, debuggers, class browser, and more. And, for the first time, buy
only what you need. CodeWarrior Development Studio for Mac OS v.10 is
hosted on Mac OS X and includes the Mac OS X (Mach-O) target.

Key Benefits

* An optional text based project format that enhances the ability
to use version control systems with CodeWarrior.

* Fastest build speed for Mac OS development and high-performance
compiler to help developers deliver applications to market sooner

* Developers can work in Objective-C and XCode within the
CodeWarrior tool suite

* New PowerPlant C++ framework allows developers to write native
Mac OS X code using Mac OS X supported features

* New packaging feature provides developers a visual display of
their package and allows for easy drag-and-drop of files or folders into
the package

* New enhancements to the editor (including automatic code
formatting and code completion for Objective-C) saves time


* Mac OS X hosted
* Targets: Mac OS X (Mach-O) and Classic Mac OS (PEF)
* PowerPlant X C++ Framework for Mac OS X development with Carbon Events,
HIViews and Unicode support

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

* Text-based xml projects (optional via user preference)
* Packager support updated so that it is no longer necessary to make
changes for packaging in multiple targets — added ability to have a master
packaging target to perform common package actions

Power Plant

* PPx can now directly deal with .nib files
* PPx can deal with SearchField, SegmentedView, TextView (HIView-savvy
replacement for MLTEView), and UserPane
* New PPx wrappers for CGClorSpace, CGDataProvider, and CGImage
* Enhanced support for the DataBrowser control
* PPxNavServices allows the addition of custom filter and preview callbacks
* PowerPlant, PowerPlant X, and Constructor will be put into open source.
C/C++ PowerPC Compiler 4.0
* New interprocedural analysis (IPA) for file level or whole program
* Modified inliner for true bottom-up inlining when using IPA
* Improved template instantiation error messages
* Updated POD detection to conform to C++03 standard
* Support for out-of-line defined partial class template specializations

Metrowerks Standard Library 11.0

* Implemented “safer” (a.k.a. “secure”) library extensions being proposed
by the C0x working group
* Added a number of common POSIX reentrant functions for PEF programming
(asctime_r, ctime_r, localtime_r, gmtime_r, rand_r, readdir_r, strerror_r,
* Uses a couple more Mach-O system functions for faster memcpy, memmove,
memset, memchr, and memcmp
* Mach-O Dynamic library for MSL C & MSL C++
* Fix for static destructors not working from bundles – even when building
with BSD C or using the gcc compiler
* Added ability to use move semantics (rvalue reference) for drastic
(revolutionary!) performance increases
* Added (bind) and mem_fn from the C++ TR1 addendum
* When using MSL C++ on top of BSD C (Mach-O), the standard MSL C++ headers
import items from the global namespace into the std namespace

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