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RKL Introduces “Touchtower”: Ultimate In Touch Screen Technology

For immediate release:


Lakewood, Colorado: October, 2005 — RKL Digital Services is extremely
excited to introduce a new and revolutionary touch screen kiosk digital
media center offering any business a unique way to communicate valuable
information about their company to the general public, increase sales
potential, expand their customer base, and provide current and new
customers with the ultimate in computer Touch Screen Technology at the
touch of a finger.

TouchTower integrates a host of extremely valuable features and benefits
for consumers and retailers in one easy-to-use Apple Computer powered touch
screen kiosk system. Touch-enabling allows users to transform the world’s
most innovative Apple Computer desktop into a customizable kiosk, mall
directory, e-commerce terminal, virtual multi-list real estate book,
personal communications device for internet web browsing and email access,
phone service and more. The possibilities are truly endless and unlimited.

TouchTower addresses the needs of three key participants:

* Businesses are provided with a cost-effective touch screen system to
present information, increase sales potential, streamline operations,
expand in-house and internet marketing programs, and increase customer

* Consumers are rewarded with a state-of-the-art in-house informational and
shopping experience that likely exceeds their expectations in the areas of
information, convenience, selection, and value.

* Advertisers have access to an affordable new platform capable of
delivering targeted interactive marketing messages to the public.

The TouchTower is a powerful business tool and can be used by any business
to display their information and/or products. When fully configured, the
designers describe this product as the next generation of the classic phone
booth, with a major twist. This new generation can combine the power of the
Internet, email, video, audio, slideshows, graphics, pictures, e-commerce,
VoIP phone service, database driven kiosks, and much more all at the touch
of a customer’s finger.

Each model comes with a complete set of software to design your kiosk.
Custom kiosk designs can be purchased through RKL Digital Services at an
additional cost. To get the full benefits of the Touchtower, high-speed
cable Internet or DSL Internet access is required and sold separately. All
models are Apple and PC computer networkable and manageable for greater

For complete details about the TouchTower or RKL Digital Services, please
visit our home pages, at: ( or please call
303-716-1423 for more information.

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