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Apple updates its Hot Deals site

Apple today updated the Hot Deals section of its Web site with the latest offerings from ClubMac, Small Dog Electronics, and Ramjet. Highlighted products include LaCie Biggest F800 1.6TB USB 2.0/FireWire 800 External RAID Storage System, Xerox Phaser 8550/DP Solid-Ink Color Printer with US$150 mail-in rebate and 1 FREE Rainbow Ink Pack, LaCie 8GB Carte Orange USB Key Drive, SDI iHome Clock Radio for iPod, IRIS IRISPen Executive Pen Scanner, 2GB DDR Kit for Power Mac G5 for $275, 512MB DDR for Power Mac G4 for $49, and 512MB PC-2700 for Aluminum PowerBook G4 for $65.

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