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Two Due Version 2.0 Adds Rotating View


Scottsdale, AZ — October 9, 2005 — PowerSurge Publishing has just
released version 2.0 of its popular to do list manager, Two Due. This
latest release adds a new Rotate tab that provides a constantly rotating
view of the items on your to do list. This can be used as a sort of
billboard on your desktop, constantly reminding you of items on your list.
The new version also offers an improved interface for editing due dates
that most users will find easier to use and more intuitive. A host of other
minor enhancements can also be found in the new release.

Two Due is a To Do List manager that does more than most. Some of its
special features are: recurring To Do items, so that they can be scheduled
to occur on a regular basis; sorting and selection by multiple fields;
multiple files with remembered viewing options for each; extra fields for
each To Do item, such as a multi-line Description, Outcome, Sequence and
Web Page; automatic Web Publishing; multiple levels of categories; archival
of closed items to a separate file; alerts; and automatic scheduling of
meeting agendas.

Two Due is written in Java and is available for all major computing
platforms, including Mac OS X, Windows, and virtually all versions of Unix.
A demo version of the program can be downloaded from the PowerSurge
Publishing Web site, at The demo version has all
functions fully enabled for an unlimited period of time, but will only
process a maximum of 10 To Do items. A single- user license is available
for US $10. See the company Web site for further information.

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