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FastMac Announces Free iPod Battery Recycling Program

FastMac Announces Free iPod Battery Recycling Program

Salinas, CA — October 7, 2005 — FastMac announces the first iPod battery
recycling program available at no extra charge, to all customers who
purchase a TruePower iPod battery upgrade from FastMac. This program is
also available to the general public who purchase third party battery
replacements and need to properly dispose of their original iPod battery.
All disposal fees are covered by FastMac.

FastMac will offer all purchasers of TruePower batteries a prepaid padded
envelope for return of the original battery at no additional fee. Once
received by FastMac, the battery will be properly disposed of at a
recycling center where all usable chemicals and components will be
recovered. To prevent the creation of excess waste the envelopes will be
continuously reused. The customer is also given the option of bringing
their original battery to a local battery recycling center or one of
FastMac’s 200+ authorized dealers. For customers who chose the
“Professional Installation” option, the original internal battery will
automatically be recycled.

FastMac will also accept iPod batteries from customers of any third party
vendors who do not offer recycling options. These customers can ship their
battery directly to FastMac for disposal. See for
the address and more information on local FastMac authorized dealers and
battery recycling centers.

“We make it easy to be green. FastMac’s battery recycling program is a
painless way to be good to the environment” said Michael Lowdermilk,
Business Development Manager for FastMac Performance Upgrades. “With over
20 million iPods out there and millions more on the way the amount of
battery waste that will be created in the next few years will have a
significant environmental impact, unless companies do something to help.”

Proper disposal of these batteries prevents them from ending up in
landfills where they have the potential to cause serious harm including
contamination of ground water supplies.

“FastMac wants to do it’s part. Whether it’s disposing of these power cells
properly, regardless of where they were purchased, or developing products
like our TruePower batteries that can last up to 7.5 times longer than any
other lithium ion battery; the less waste, the better” said Edward Savio,
President of Fastmac Performance Upgrades, Inc.

About FastMac

FastMac designs and manufactures innovative upgrade products that add value
and extend usability of Apple Macintosh computers and iPod music players.
FastMac’s line of optical drives, CPU upgrades, and TruePower batteries are
available through an international network of dealers, distributors,
resellers and consultants. For more information, visit

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