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NWINDOWS Announces the Future of Window Shopping


NWINDOWS Announces the Future of Window Shopping, Now– for iPod and Mac OS X

NWINDOWS introduces a new entertainment content/ecommerce platform based on
one of the most popular time-passing activities –flipping through catalogs
and magazines.

San Francisco, CA, September 27, 2005 NWINDOWS, an entertainment/ecommerce
content provider for digital home and mobile applications, announced the
availability of high quality catalog slideshows for viewing on the iPod and
Mac OS X.

NWINDOWS is the first to provide relaxing, “low concentration” content in
the form of high quality, no/low text catalog slideshows optimized for both
“big screen” (TV/monitor) and “small screen” (iPod) use.

Consumers may download and import catalog slideshows into iPhoto (or
Quicktime) for viewing on the big screen, and relax while the “pages” are
turned for them as they listen to their own favorite music.

Or they may enjoy their favorite catalogs while on the run, anywhere and
any time they have a few extra minutes on their hands.

“Clearly, there is strong demand for new, exciting content suitable for the
red-hot iPod,” says Deborah Quinlan, President of NWINDOWS. “Consumers are
demanding more interesting content for use on mobile devices beyond another
game or ring tone.”

“Our slideshow catalog content is selected and designed specifically to be
aesthetically pleasing –something that would be enjoyable to watch whether
someone is interested in shopping, or not,” says Quinlan. “We have
initially partnered with Ujena Swimwear, a company that possesses a strong
consumer brand image and an appeal to both women and men. We believe this
content is something that consumers will enjoy watching and will want to
show-off to others on their iPods.”

Pricing and Availability

NWINDOWS catalog slideshows are available free to consumers to download
from the NWINDOWS website at, for viewing on Macs, iPods,
PCs or Smartphones. Mac and iPod downloads are at


NWINDOWS provides “low concentration,” relaxing entertainment content in
the form of catalog slideshows for digital home and mobile use. As a
digital home company, NWINDOWS encourages digital convergence by promoting
the use of the TV as a “living picture frame” for relaxed, PC or Mac-driven
content in relaxed areas of the home, such as the living room or bedroom,
away from the desktop.

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