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Prosoft announces the release of Data Rescue II

Prosoft Engineering today announced the availability of Data Rescue II 1.0 for Mac OS X. “The best data recovery software for the Mac platform has just gotten better with the new and improved Data Rescue II,” states Greg Brewer, CEO of Prosoft Engineering. “We are very excited to release Data Rescue II. It hosts a new interface, more robust file searching and an enhanced ability to recover deleted items.” In the development of Data Rescue II, Prosoft worked with DriveSavers, the leading drive recovery facility based in Novato, California. “Data Rescue’s ability to save data from crashed drives – without altering the directory structure or jeopardizing future recovery attempts – makes it one of the safest disk utilities on the market,” said John Christopher, Data Recovery Engineer of DriveSavers. Data Rescue II is priced at US$99.

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