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Who Said Expensive Software Sound Better?

Paris, September 10, 2005 – DontCrac[k] is proud to announce the launch of
their community site that hosts and supports passionate audio software
developers who offer targeted products to musicians, audio programmers and
sound engineers. Visitors will find hundreds of freeware for Mac & PC,
forums to communicate, and a secure boutique where they will find hard to
find, uncommon shareware.

The name says it all! DontCrac[k] actively encourages fair use of software
because small manufacturers need to be strongly supported to create more
innovative software. DontCrac[k] is therefore honoured to announce that
they will support and distribute hot developers like : 4Front Technologies
– Acon digital media – Camel Audio – CDXtract – CodeOperator – Delaydots –
Ergonis – NUSofting – PSP Audioware – Sagan Technologies – Softplug – Swar
Systems – U-he and many more. DontCrack distribution and marketing services
will enable them to do what they do best, releasing great original software.

“Visitors will enjoy finding most available “Freeware” for Mac and PC” says
Peter Donavan, Marketing Manager at DontCrack. “It is our commitment to
offer the first ultimate audio freeware tracker online, enabling visitors
to quickly find and download free, legal and useful products”. Freeware are
clearly classified by Manufacturers name or product categories. A
convenient search engine will be added very shortly..

In order to actively help developers market their products in professional
conditions, DontCrac[k] has also built a convenient and secure store for
their products to be sold. Customers will appreciate reading precise
product descriptions and requirements, viewing large screen captures,
downloading product demos, etc. Moreover, visitors won’t have to wait to
start using the software they purchased. They will instantly receive a full
product file or license number to unlock their software. DontCrac[k] is
proud to offer a real alternative to “boxed” software that uses carton,
plastic and stinky trucks for delivery…

Now that you know, please support audio developers and Don’t Crack software 😉

About DontCra[k] : is a community site dedicated to supporting developers by
promoting and delivering their innovative software. Visitors will find a
unique audio freeware section (tracker) ensuring they will find, in a
convenient way, the latest versions of most audio freeware available. It
also hosts a community forum for visitors to have nice and constructive
chats with developers and/or other visitors. Last, DontCrac[k] supports hot
programmers by promoting and distributing their products making these
“visible” to visitors who can download demo versions and purchase their
innovative products in a very secure environment.

For more information, please visit :

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