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Trinfinity Software announces Seagull 3 Public Beta

For immediate release.

Trinfinity Software announces Seagull 3 Public Beta for Mac OS X.

NEW YORK, N.Y. – – September 14, 2005 – – Trinfinity Software released
today a public beta version of Seagull 3, which focuses on delivering an
experience better than television, while watching video content from the
There is never anything good on television. That is what my family is
always saying, and we have over two hundred channels. They point to
informercials on four consecutive channels to prove their point. They
beleaguer that point with the old movies that we have seen a dozen times,
the commercial breaks that seem to be longer than the show they are in, and
the constant news coverage of the celebrity of the week. They ask me, “Why
isn’t there anything new and interesting on? Why are there commercials,
when we have a monthly cable bill? Why can’t television be enjoyable,
rather than frustrating?”

The answer is that television isn’t controlled by you. If you controlled
television, it would show exactly what you wanted, when you wanted it. You
wouldn’t have to watch reruns because there would always be something new
on. You wouldn’t have to settle for watching a celebrity’s trial, when what
you wanted was news. You wouldn’t be subjected to watching drug
commercials, with their jingles about diarrhea, while you are having dinner.

You don’t need television. There is an alternative. It is called the
Internet. Yes, your friend, the Internet, can replace television. There are
over six billion people on this planet, a lot of them have video cameras,
and many of them are making new and interesting shows for you to watch
right now.

In November of 2001, we released a small program called Seagull Video
Player, which took a list of videos and played them full screen. It was
simple, but it solved a problem. The average bandwidth of a home Internet
connection was increasing, which made downloading videos off the Internet
easy. Many people, including us, wanted to be able to watch those videos
without having to open them, resize their windows, and press play over, and
over again. We released Seagull Video Player, and the people rejoiced.

That was good enough for 2001, but now, we need a lot more. The
introduction of RSS, peer to peer networks, BitTorrent, and the H.264 codec
have made it possible for individuals to become broadcasters, which means
more choices for us viewers. Since all of these videos are spread across
the Internet, we need a way to enjoy them, and minimize the time spent
looking for them. That is what Seagull 3 does.

In addition to the standard video library and playlists, the source list in
Seagull 3 now includes vidcasts, the video equivalent of a podcast. You can
subscribe to one of the included vidcasts, or enter the address to any
vidcast, and it will be added to your source list. The vidcasts are
regularly checked for new videos automatically. When new videos are found,
they are downloaded to your computer, added to the vidcast playlist, and
ready to be viewed. While all this is happening, you don’t have to wait,
and you don’t have to do any work. Instead, you can just watch your videos
and the new ones will just show up.

In addition to downloading your vidcasts for you, Seagull 3 can also scan a
webpage and download all of the videos that it finds. You no longer have to
manually download each video in your web browser, and then add it to your
library. The work is done for you, giving you more time to watch your

We are releasing this public beta version in order to get your feedback and
make Seagull 3 even better. Try it and let us know what you think by
sending feedback to: or bug reports to:

Seagull 3 Standard Edition will cost $29.95 for a single user license.
Registered Seagull Video Player 2.x for Macintosh users can upgrade to
Seagull 3 Standard Edition for $15.95. New users can download and evaluate
Seagull 3 for 30 days. While it is being evaluating, there will be a
twenty-five video limit, per library.

In addition to all of the features of the Standard Edition, the
Professional Edition enables you to output the video to an external device,
using a QuickTime Output Component. Seagull 3 Professional Edition will
cost $89.95 for a site license. This license can be used for all copies of
Seagull 3 Professional Edition at the user’s site. Seagull 3 is free for
all registered Seagull Video Player 2.x Professional Edition users.

Seagull 3 is available for download at:

Seagull 3 can be purchased here:

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