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Berkeley Ships Handheld WLAN Power Analyzer

METUCHEN, New Jersey. — September 13, 2005 — Berkeley Varitronics
Systems, Inc. ships Caterpillar(TM), a portable Wi-Fi frequency and power
analysis meter.

Caterpillar(TM) is a low-cost, handheld sweeping analyzer designed for
802.11(b,a,g) Wi-Fi frequency & power measurements. The receiver attaches
directly to an Access Point, bridger or Network Interface Card via the
included SMA antenna connection kit. Caterpillar(TM) has a unique
triggering capability to measure both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands to
verify & analyze output packet power levels, report their channel and
frequency and create an 802.11 power profile. Technicians can measure power
from an array of 802.11 network gear as well as many wireless devices
including Bluetooth, Zigbee(TM), cordless phones, VoIP, video transmitters,
etc. Other features include a built-in backlit display, simple keypad menu
navigation and removable, rechargeable Ni-MH batteries for true
portability. Caterpillar(TM) is available now for under $750.

About Berkeley Varitronics Systems

Berkeley Varitronics Systems ( has been providing
wireless solutions and products to the domestic and international cellular
telecommunications industry for over 30 years. Since 1995, BVS has
introduced over 50 unique wireless test equipment devices for a variety of
applications. Most recently, BVS has advanced the design of the portable
test instruments for the popular 802.11b/a/g & Bluetooth specs.

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