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PSTextMerge Version 3.2

PSTextMerge Version 3.2 Expands Capabilities

Scottsdale, AZ — August 14, 2005 — PowerSurge Publishing has just
released version 3.2 of PSTextMerge. This latest release adds several new
template commands: an INCLUDE command, to include the contents of another
file; plus IFNEWLIST and IFENDLIST commands, to make it easier to generate
HTML list tags. The processing of Microsoft Excel files has also been
improved: hyperlinks may now be extracted, and Excel formatting can be
duplicated when generating HTML.

PSTextMerge is a software package that empowers its users to perform many
useful functions with lists of data. PSTextMerge can input, sort, filter,
merge and output such data. Scripts can be easily recorded to automate
repetitive operations.

One of PSTextMerge’s most popular and powerful features is the ability to
merge data lists into specially formatted HTML templates, generating custom
Web pages fully populated with the user’s data. This scheme allows the
dynamic, changing content of a Web page to be easily separated from its
static format, so that each portion can be more easily maintained in a
source program suited to the data type. When the dynamic data changes,
PSTextMerge can quickly regenerate the Web page with the latest data.
PSTextMerge can also generate XML files and RSS feeds.

PSTextMerge is written in Java and is available for all major computing
platforms, including Mac OS X, Windows, and virtually all versions of Unix.
A demo version of the program can be downloaded from the PowerSurge
Publishing Web site, at The demo version has all
functions fully enabled for an unlimited period of time, but will only
process a maximum of 20 data records. A single-user license is available
for US $20. See the company Web site for further information.

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