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Meritline’s Waterproof Paper Holds Fast For Longer


Los Angeles, California, Friday, August 12, 2005 Meritline’s DuraFirm
Premium Photo Paper is not only offering a watertight deal, but also a far
longer lasting print and more vibrant colors.

When it comes to photography, many have changed to digital. It’s pretty
much a no-brainer; it’s instant, easier, and cheaper. But several niggling
problems remain. When it comes to printing your precious pics, the
no-brainer can fall on its head. Colors sometimes run and when they dry,
they=92re not quite as brilliant as a “real” photograph. And, of course,
photo paper is relatively expensive.

Meritline’s innovative approach coupled with DuraFirm smudge resistant and
waterproof technology has tackled these challenges head on. Clearly
superior to standard glossy photo papers, Meritline’s DuraFirm Premium
Photo Paper is fade and UV resistant which means your prints will last up
to 3 times longer.

Suitable for most inkjet and laser printers, Meritline’s photo paper also
promises exceptional brightness and vivid colors equal or even better to
regular pics. And, drying instantly, your colors will not run when using
DuraFirm ink.

In addition to the popular 8.5″ x 11″ size, Meritline’s photo paper is also
available in 4″ x 6″ and A4 sizes.

Says Michael Diz, Meritline VP, “At Meritline, we’ve always been fans of
digital stills imaging. But challenges that arise in finding excellent
quality printing which is cost-effective has often spelt the downfall of
our customers enthusiasm. We are proud to say however that Meritline’s
DuraFirm Premium Photo Paper has however solved the problems often
associated with digital image printing such as fading colors, smudging, and
cost effectiveness.”

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About Meritline – The team at Meritline are in the business of marrying
leading technology and design elegance with innovation and quality to make
professional and private life easier and, quite frankly, a lot more

Underpinned by a robust growth strategy, Meritline is quickly becoming a
recognized Brand in the United States and several international territories.

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