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Sonnet upgrades eSATA controllers

Sonnet Technologies today announced the release of its upgraded Tempo-X eSATA line of high-performance Serial ATA (SATA) host controllers, now enhanced with added support for 3 Gigabit SATA II drives and Windows XP. The Tempo-X eSATA 4+4 features four internal and four external ports, while the Tempo-X eSATA 8 features eight external ports. These host controllers’ ports are independently capable of transferring data at up to 300MB/s, and can achieve much higher transfer rates when connected drives are grouped in a striped RAID array. The Tempo-X eSATA 4+4 is available now for US$199.95, and the Tempo-X eSATA 8 will be available in September for $299.95.

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