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Creative Manager Pro Expands iCal Support


Creative Manager Pro, Ad Agency Software and Project Management Groupware
for Creative and Design firms, has released version 7.95 adding
improvements in the integrated Calendar and synchronization with the new
iCal in Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.2, expanding its free client extranet, among
other enhancements.

Lakewood NJ-based Creative Manager, Inc., (
provider of Creative Manager Pro and Creative Project Manager, has released
version 7.95 of its flagship product, with improvements to the integrated
calendar for both Mac OS and Windows users.

With its version 7.95, Creative Manager Pro has made significant
improvements to the calendar to bring it more on-par with the capabilities
of Microsoft Outlook. One such example is the new detailed five day week
view, added rollover pop-ups that show the detail of meetings and
assignments shown on the calendar. Additional improvements were made for
Mac OS X 10.4.2, which incorporates a number of enhancements to improve
reliability and compatibility for iCal.

No installation or conversion will be necessary, and the update is free to
all users of Creative Manager Pro and Creative Project Manager. All client
logins and vendor logins are free.

Creative Manager Pro offers the most complete free user login on the
market. In the last few months they have continued investing in this area
of the system by adding the ability for free users to approve estimates,
view the status of project assignments, add files to digital asset
management, participate in project discussions via the diary, and now to
view open and paid invoices. These new features are in addition to the
ability to request new work, view calendar/gantt charts, review artwork
online, view budgets and actual charges at billable, and review project

Ron Ause, Director of Marketing for Creative Manager, Inc., said “We
continuing to invest and to add more value to our system for our users.
Free Client Extranet is a feature of Creative Manager Pro and Creative
Project Manager that has attracted thousands of users. When our clients say
that their clients want to see more of the project, we’ve answered by
empowering them and their clients to communicate more efficiently, and with
more powerful tools.”

Creative Manager Pro continues to invest, adding new features which work
with Apple’s latest Tiger Mac OS X Unix-based Operating System and
Microsoft Windows. Further details of the update may be found at

As a mature product with over eleven years in development, all new features
added can not be sexy headline grabbers. In fact, the majority of the
thirty-plus enhancements added to this release can only be appreciated by
their existing clients, who have been the source of new ideas about sharing
ways to fine tune the product for maximum efficiency.

When asked about the new upgrade, Ause said “We listen to our clients and
have included many of the most requested enhancements, such as more
flexible estimate format options, and simplifying the way hours are
allocated to staff. ‘We’re Always Listening!'”

Creative Manager Pro goes beyond costing to offer full Project Management,
CRM, Digital Asset Management, billing and accounting, and Extranet

Creative Manager Pro (at, is the only Ad
Agency software and Project Management Software for the Creative Design
industry, created exclusively for design firms, ad agencies, in-house
creative/MarCom departments, and creative service firms. It is a web-based
integrated project management software and job tracking solution which
streamlines the entire firm, from developing new business, to staffing,
managing, and executing projects through to accounting and financial

Creative Manager Pro is a full-featured, intuitive system which makes
project and ad agency management a breeze. Creative Manager Pro supports
Customer Relationship Management, Document Management, Shared Calendaring,
Accounting and much more. Because it is web-based, there is nothing to
install and it can be set up in a very short time. It works with both PC
and Macintosh from any location over any connection. It may also be
installed locally on the client’s own servers. All options include training
and support to ensure that clients are up and running quickly.

Among the many features of Creative Manager Pro:
– Graphically view your firm’s metrics – manage your firm by the numbers.
– Manage Contacts and Leads
– Create Project Schedules, Calendars and Manage Tasks
– Take your contacts and calendar on the road with iCal, AddressBook &
– Approve Timesheets, Purchasing, Billing and Budgets
– Review and Approve Artwork Online
– Store and Manage Digital Assets
– Manage and Balance the Books
– Free client and vendor access to streamline workflow.
– Quick startup/import from Clients & Profits, Adman and other systems
– Full-featured CRM (Client Relationship Management)
– Extranet capabilities
– Manage media with an interface with Strata
– Charting of important industry metrics and firm statistics

Take a test drive at

The team members at Creative Manager, Inc. have been leaders in ad agency
software and project management software for the creative industry and on
the Mac OS for over 26 years. They provide their creative clients with two
major offerings: Creative Project Manager and Creative Manager Pro. Both
programs work seamlessly with the Mac OS and Windows.

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