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Sheer Genius: eVo 2 for the click wheel iPod


Sheer Genius

Toronto, Canada — July 29, 2005 — iSkin Inc. today announced the
availabitly of its wheel protector 3 pack for both the eVo2 and iSkin mini

iSkin Inc. today introduced its wheel protector known as a Wheel Cap, a
protector that works in conjunction with iSkin’s popular silicone covers
eVo2 and iSkin mini to offer complete click wheel protection for your iPod
while maintaining natural scrolling feedback.

The iSkin Wheel Cap sits above the iPod’s click wheel protecting it while
you use it. It turns the already effective iSkin iPod protector into the
ultimate iPod case by covering the last vulnerable area– the click wheel.
It installs in seconds and does not hamper the sensitivity or functionality
of the iPod.

* Works only with the iSkin eVo2 and iSkin mini iPod protectors
* Fits seamlessly, creating a barrier against dirt and grime
* Allows for easy non-restrictive scrolling
* Maintains look of iPod and scroll wheel
* Formed to fit the contours of the scroll wheel
* Stays in place without adhesives
* Easy to install and remove
* Durable and long lasting

With Wheel Caps, companies, organizations and promoters can take advantage
of branding their marketing message or photograph right over the iPod’s
click wheel. Wheel Cap imprinting is the ultimate way to customize an iPod
and offer the added value of superior protection. For pricing and
availability contact:

iSkin Wheel Capa are now available online for $14.99 and comes in a 3 Pack,

About iSkin Inc.

iSkin Inc. introduced the first iSkin iPod Protector in September of 2002
and with it started what has become a fashionably cool way to protect the
iPod. Today, the iSkin is highly favored among iPod owners. With a growing
line of innovative protective solutions for the iPod, PowerBook and other
Apple products, iSkin Inc., is committed to delivering the best protection
for the devices we love.

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