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Ranchero Software releases NetNewsWire 2.0.1

Ranchero Software releases NetNewsWire 2.0.1

Seattle, WA, USA — July 21, 2005 — Ranchero Software today released
NetNewsWire 2.0.1, the easy-to-use RSS and Atom newsreader for Mac OS X,
adding support for Atom 1.0 feeds.

In addition to support for Atom 1.0 feeds, NetNewsWire 2.0.1 fixes a couple
crashing bugs, and updates the Sites Drawer.

The freeware version, NetNewsWire Lite, has also been updated to version
2.0.1 and supports Atom 1.0 feeds.

See the NetNewsWire 2.0.1 Change Notes for more details.

Atom 1.0 is a new syndication format. NetNewsWire already supported Atom
0.3, an earlier draft of this format, and it will continue to support Atom
0.3 for the foreseeable future. (Just as multiple versions of RSS are

For more information about Atom, see
( and the Atom Wiki

The full and Lite versions of NetNewsWire 2.0.1 are available for download
at the NetNewsWire home page.

NetNewsWire 2.0.1 costs $24.95 for a single-user license and $19.95 per
person for multi-user licenses. It’s available bundled with MarsEdit 1.0
for $39.95.

NetNewsWire 2.0.1 is a free upgrade for licensed users of NetNewsWire 2.0
and NetNewsWire 1.x. See the Licenses and Upgrades page for more

NetNewsWire Lite is freeware. The Full Version Features page lists the
features exclusive to the full version.

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