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Create podcasts, videoblogs, and more with Videocue 2

Vara Software today announced it is shipping Videocue 2 and Videocue Pro 2, its complete tele-prompting, recording and publishing package for Mac OS X. Videocue 2 enables users to create professional looking videoblogs and, for most weblogs, the software includes the ability to publish the result directly to a Videoblog. Videocue 2 is priced at US$39.99. Videocue Pro 2, priced at $89.99, adds many advanced features, including: chroma key (blue/green screen), support for multiple webcams, built-in professional titles, full screen prompting, motion editing controls and mirrored prompting (for professional tele-prompting hardware). Videocue 2 Pro is a free upgrade from Videocue 1.

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