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Desktop pictures/icons weekly recap

Over the course of the past week, MacDesktops has posted 14 new desktop pictures, including: Heaven (Apple – PowerMac G5), Natasha Henstridge (Show some skin), and Turkish Hills (Landscapes – Nature). MacMonkies have posted four new desktop pictures and have announced “4 For Four Birthday Giveaway,” celebrating their fourth anniversary. Mandolux has issued four new desktops: My/Experimental B&W (Abstract/Dual) and Be Strong (inspired by the terrorist attacks in London), and InterfaceLIFT has posted seven new desktops for Apple Cinema Displays and five icon sets including: Boxes, Comic Tiger, and Awareness. The FastIcon recently released a new stock icon collection for Web designers and software developers and “Comic Tiger,” with 24 freeware icons. And to wrap things up this week, The Iconfactory has announced the release of the official, exclusive icon set for Paramount & Dreamworks’ War of the Worlds motion picture.

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