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MaxUpgrades announces MaxConnect: Up to 9 drives in a G5

MaxUpgrades announces MaxConnect
An Internal Storage Expansion Solution for G5 Power Macs 8X Increase in
Data Transfer Rate

(Corona, CA), July 15, 2005. MaxUpgrades announces availability of
MaxConnect, an internal hard disk drive mounting solution, that allows
seven additional hard disk drives to be installed in a G5 Power Mac system.
The MaxConnect consists of two mounting assemblies. An Optical Drive Bay
Disk Drive mounting assembly that enables four hard disk drives to be
installed in the Optical Drive Bay of the G5 Power Mac. A CPU Bay Disk
Drives Mounting Assembly that enables installing three hard disk drives in
the CPU bay of the G5 Power Mac.

With the MaxConnect internal hard disk drive mounting solution, a G5 Power
Mac can house a total of nine disk drives internally, which enables the
system to boot from one drive and allows the rest of the eight drives to be
RAIDED (Striped RAID 0) to offer an 8X speed increase in the data transfer
rate compared to a G5 Power Mac single drive. Data Transfer rates up to 500
MB/sec sustained can be achieved by striping the hard disk drives using
Apple Mac OS X built-in RAID software utility on G5 Power Mac Systems with
PCI-X Slots.

The MaxConnect internal hard disk drive mounting solution provides a
practical, cost effective and space saving solution for G5 Power Mac
internal storage expansion without sacrificing the data transfer rate. A
total of seventeen hard disk drives (nine disk drives internally and eight
disk drives externally) can be connected to a G5 Power Mac system,
producing a 16x performance increase in sustained data transfer rate. ()

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