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iSale 2.0

=46or immediate release

iSale Sails Into the Next Generation with Version 2.0 Massive Update Offers
Dozens of New Features and Improvements

Munich 07.14.2005: After an exclusive preview of the latest version of
iSale at “eBay Live!” in San Jos=E9, today equinux has released Version 2.0
of their eBay auction-manager. Due to their honor of receiving an Apple
Design Award, equinux is offering this upgrade for free to all registered
users of iSale. The next generation of iSale includes many new and improved
features that will make auctioning on eBay faster, easier and more
enjoyable than ever before.

Now those who are using eBay Stores can post auctions directly to their
store. This opens new possibilities and enables these select eBay users to
benefit from their own virtual store.

In addition to .Mac image hosting, iSale also now supports FTP Servers.
Using either of these image hosting options will alleviate the need for
per-picture-charges allowing you more freedom and flexibility in the
improvement and design of your auctions.

One notable change in iSale is an improved “Category Browser.” Rather than
filtering through categories, users can now search and save often used
categories to an integrated “Favorites” tab. Additionally, the file path is
displayed beneath the browser window, granting the opportunity to directly
jump to the eBay website to view other listings within that category. Don’t
worry about eBay changing category names and locations, iSale automatically
updates this info every time you retrieve the status or submit an auction.

iSale also now includes an eBay style preview. With a single-click of the
eBay Preview button, iSale will display a preview of your auction exactly
as it will appear on eBay. Consider this a “Print Preview” for eBay.

This update is topped-off with improved navigation, an expanded Dashboard
Widget, a new “Drag and Drop” auction exporting feature as well as the
possibility to update the status of every finished auction with just
one-click of the “Status” button. Last and surely not least, those using
eBay USA will happy to see that “Calculated Shipping” has been added to

“The honor of being recognized at the Apple Design Awards is not only a
reason for us to celebrate but also an obligation for us to maintain a high
level quality,” said Till Schadde, CEO of equinux. “We would like to pass
our joy on to our loyal customers; therefore, this update will be free of
charge to all registered iSale users.”

iSale 2.x can be downloaded from

iSale is available in English, German and French.

Purchases can be made at your local Apple Authorized Reseller (CompUSA,
AppleStore, Fry’s Electronics, etc.) or online at for
$39.95 (Prices may vary).

equinux, located in Boston, Massachusetts and Munich, Germany, is a market
leader in software solutions for the Mac OS X platform. The company’s
expanding product portfolio includes both professional (VPN Tracker Server,
APC Tracker, MacDial) and consumer software (iSale, TamTam, iTranslate).
=46or more information about equinux please visit

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