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SolidSpace Introduces Mac Mini Hosting


Leading Hosting Provider SolidSpace Commits to the Apple XServe and the Mac
Mini platforms; Customers Empowered with Flexible Hosting Options at Low

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — (July 11, 2005) SolidSpace, LLC, a leading provider
of dynamic hosting infrastructure and developers of the Silkware suite of
intuitive web-based collaborative technologies, today introduced the
availability of Mac Mini dedicated servers, providing flexible, secure
managed hosting and co-location services. SolidSpace has committed to the
Apple XServe and the Mac Mini platforms to offer powerful and affordable
hosting on Apple’s secure UNIX platform. Through SolidSpace, customers have
the advantage of redundant infrastructure and bandwidth using their own Mac
Mini. Clients’ hardware and software are configured by SolidSpace to meet
their individual specific needs and housed in the SolidSpace datacenter.
Customers are empowered to maintain control over every aspect of the
server’s hardware and software while enjoying the advantages of the
climate-controlled environment, firewall security, as well as high-speed
Internet connections.

SolidSpace customers also have a choice of two dedicated Mac Mini managed
server packages; Mac Mini Standard, which is ideal for websites and
applications that have outgrown the shared hosting environment or for
developers that need more control over their server. Mac Mini Premium is
the perfect solution for complex websites that demand superior performance
and high availability. Other benefits include:

* Remote Reboot- Customers have the ability to cycle the power using the
Remote Power Management Unit via a web browser.

* Server Monitoring- Verifies that a client’s system is available and
reachable on the network, and sends alerts if it is not.

* LiveStats Statistic Reporting Tool- Far beyond a simple log analyzer, it
interprets web site traffic in real-time and generates “Live Stats” reports
in an easy to use web interface.

* Daily Backup Service- Clients no longer need to rely on daily backup tape
rotation, followed by delivering them to an offsite location.

* Solid Standby- If for any reason a customer’s Mac Mini needs to be pulled
for service, SolidSpace will provide a similar or more robust unit while
the customer’s server is out of the datacenter.

* Managed Services- Clients enjoy a full suite of support, including
Operating System Troubleshooting & Repair, System Administration
Management, Backup Management and DNS Configuration & Changes.

Plans start as low as $24.95 per month.

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