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eAuthorize – New and Improved

eAuthorize – New and Improved

Waves in Motion is proud to announce significant improvements to our
popular eAuthorize plug-in.

eAuthorize is designed to extend the capability of FileMaker Pro by
providing a method to process credit cards and electronic checks directly
from your database. Designed to work with FileMaker Pro 5.5, 6, or 7 on
both Mac and Windows, the eAuthorize 3.5 plug-in allows FileMaker Pro users
to connect to the or VeriSign online payment gateways for
processing your payments instantly and securely.

For more information and a free demo download, visit eAuthorize 3.5 online at:


The new eAuthorize 3.52 version contains bug fixes that increase the
product stability and enhancements that significantly improve the user

Most notably, we have eliminated the dreaded “spinning beach ball” problem
on Mac OS X where FileMaker Pro would hang and leave the user with no
alternative but to force quit. We also resolved a bug causing the
transaction timeout to be ignored in various situations. With these fixes
and others, the product stability has been greatly improved.

With the release of the 3.52 version, we have included vastly improved
documentation for the product. There is now an upgraded, easy-to-use, and
easy-to-understand user’s guide. We’ve also included new example files for
FileMaker Pro 7.

The bug fix is FREE to current users of eAuthorize 3.5. Your existing 3.5
registration code will work with version 3.52. Please note, however, that
as of version 3.51, Mac OS 9 is no longer supported.

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