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iTools 8

Tenon’s iTools is the only control panel software for Mac OS X

Santa Barbara, CA, June 29, 2005. Tenon today announced iTools 8, a new
version of their well-regarded web hosting control panel software. iTools,
an Apache Dashboard heralded for its simplicity and power, simplifies and
automates Apache configuration, saving webmasters time and money. With
iTools, a Mac OS X desktop or server system becomes a professional web
hosting platform that simultaneously empowers customers and lowers support

iTools 8 is a web site management system for small to medium-sized web
hosting providers that own or rent a dedicated server, and for large
service providers who may wish to bundle iTools into their offerings.
iTools is ideal for the professional hosting of multiple company web sites
on a single server – it shortens the time and lessens the expertise needed
to deploy new sites. With iTools you can automate hosting tasks and
delegate administration. Sub-administrators can manage their own name or
IP-based web sites and view their own logs, without compromising the
privacy of the multi-server machine. iTools’s secure, domain-specific ,
browser-based Apache administration, using a 6th generation suite of tools,
makes Apache on Mac OS X, the easiest Apache in the world to administer.

Jay Menna, President & CTO of (
says, “iTools on the Mac mini has made web hosting on a private server a
reasonable choice for millions of businesses. With the new features of
iTools 8, Tenon has made it possible for small ISPs, web designers and
technology consultants to have the resources of much larger companies.
While industry is buzzing with virtual private servers, the iTools/Mac mini
solution leapfrogs them with actual private servers.”

The new iTools 8, includes Apache 2.0.54, considered the best Apache
version available, the latest proFTPD with TLS/SSL support, enhanced DNS
management, enhanced sub-administration, and a suite of pre-packaged,
pre-configured open-source applications for blogs, discussion boards, photo
albums, and more. In addition, iTools 8 includes the ability to disable and
enable a web site with one click, for customers in arrears, the ability to
hand-tailor a default web site template to make setting up similar sites
easy and fast, optional use of encryption during browser-based
configuration sessions, the flexibility to restart various server daemons
either manually or automatically upon configuration changes, FastCGI
support, extensive log viewing options on a virtual host-by-virtual host
basis, and an automatic system update facility both for iTools updates and
updates to add-on packages.

iTools lets you manage your Apache web sites via a sophisticated, in-depth,
browser-based GUI that includes URL rewriting, URL redirects, MIME type and
Apache handler editing, setting up SSL, along with a host of other
Apache-specific settings. You can also manage cron jobs (to automatically
perform administration tasks at pre-set intervals), administer MySQL
databases via phpMyAdmin, and set up WebDAV for collaborative web
development. Embedded on-line help and the technical resources of Tenon
give you the assistance you need to transform your desktop or server Mac OS
X machine into a professional hosting business.

iTools 8 is $349. A companion mail server and list server, Post.Office, is
available in special iTools bundles. Upgrades for existing iTools customers
are $249. iTools can be used with Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4), Panther (Mac OS X
10.3) or Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2) and works equally well on Mac OS X ‘client’
or Mac OS X Server. See the Tenon web site ( for
details and purchasing.

Founded in 1989, Tenon Intersystems is a leader in high-performance
networking. Tenon technology has provided the framework for world-class
networking on the Macintosh for over a decade. Tenon is continuing that
tradition on Mac OS X. Tenon Intersystems can be reached in the U.S. at
805-963-6983, by the internet at, or via the web at

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