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xmCHART 3.0 Plug-in for FileMaker Pro 7


June 15, 2005 – X2max Software is pleased to announce the official
release of xmCHART 3.0. Version 3.0 of the well-known FileMaker Pro
charting plug-in has been completely redesigned and expanded considerably
in many ways. xmCHART 3.0 is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

xmCHART is a very powerful charting plug-in for FileMaker Pro. It supports
all basic chart types such as bars, lines, areas, scatters, pies, bubbles,
high-Lows or Gantt charts. A comprehensive set of over 150 functions
allows you to customize almost every parts of a chart such as scalings,
axes or grids. To perfect a chart you can add a title, legend, labels or
a background picture.

What’s new in xmCHART 3.0:
– support of the new FileMaker Pro 7 Plug-in API
– drawing directly in a container field (no clipboard!)
– 3D pie charts, 3D bar charts, 3D Gantt charts
– 2D area charts
– antialiasing and transparency
– support of date and time
– rotated texts (in any direction)
– dashed line styles
– variable line and border smoothing
– save as PDF file (only Mac OS X)
– unicode support
– and many other improvements

Compatibility with v2.2:
xmCHART 3.0 is compatible with v2.2. All the details can be found in the
PDF document “What’s new in xmCHART 3.0.pdf” (part of the xmCHART

Upgrade to xmCHART 3.0:
All customers who have purchased xmCHART after Sept. 1, 2004 will
receive the new version 3.0 for free. All other customers can upgrade
to version 3.0 at a discounted price.

Upgrade prices start at USD 49.00
Save about 20% and order xmCHART 3.0 right now.

Starting on July 1, 2005 new, slightly increased prices for xmCHART 3.0
(full version and upgrades) will go into effect. All prices are listed
in detail under:

– FileMaker Pro 7
– Windows 2000 or XP
– Mac OS X 10.3 or higher

The previous version xmCHART 2.2 is required for FileMaker Pro 4/5/5.5/6.
By purchasing xmCHART 3.0 for FileMaker Pro 7 you are also entitled to
use xmCHART 2.2. Please contact ( for the proper
user ID and registration code.

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