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NTI Launches Dragon FliX for Mac Users

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NTI Launches Dragon FliX for Mac Users

Irvine, CA ( June 1, 2005) NewTech Infosystems, Inc. (NTI), announced
today Dragon FliX, a new software solution for making high-quality copies
of non-protected DVD videos with compression options. Leveraging more than
a decade of experience in developing and enhancing its award-winning Dragon
Burn? digital media and backup/recovery solution, NTI has equipped Dragon
FliX with advanced copying and compression features and made them
incredibly easy to use.

With Dragon FliX, users can compress unencrypted* 8.5GB dual-layer movies
down to 4.7GB single-layer size, remove unwanted features, and burn them
without having to split the movie onto two discs, and without sacrificing
audio and video quality or playback compatibility.

Users have the option of selecting either the entire DVD for compression
and copying or just the main movie. When just the main movie is copied, the
movie begins playing as soon as you insert the disc in your player, there
are no annoying menus or other content to wade through. Also, users enjoy
the most versatile selection of audio options, which Dragon FliX is
thoughtfully designed to present in the most intuitive manner.

A unique and powerful feature of Dragon FliX is its multi-burning
capability, which enables users to take full advantage of multiple DVD
burners available to them, to compress and simultaneously burn multiple
copies of the same movie.

By combining Dragon FliX with NTI’s Dragon Burn, Mac users have a complete,
easy-to-use multimedia solution for producing, protecting and copying
video, audio, data, MP3 and Enhanced (audio + data) CDs/DVDs.

Dragon FliX for Mac OS X desktop and PowerBook notebook computers can be
purchased from leading retail stores and NTI’s online store at
(, as well as other online retailers.

About NewTech Infosystems (NTI)
NewTech Infosystems (“NTI”) is an industry leading developer of powerful,
feature-rich, and easy-to-use software for Digital Media and Storage
Management. NTI has developed and delivered innovative digital media and
data backup solutions since being founded in 1993. As a pioneer in the
world of CD burning technologies and software, NTI released the world’s
first CD Copy software in December of 1995. Today, NTI’s CD/DVD burning
engine has an installed base of 70 million users worldwide. NTI also offers
Volume licensing and OEM products. NTI is headquartered at 5 Mason Drive,
Suite 150, Irvine, CA 92618. Phone: +1-949-421-0720, Fax: +1-949-421-0750

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