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Kanguru 16x 1 to 11 DVD Duplicator announced

Kanguru Solutions have announced the release of the Kanguru 16x 1 to 11 DVD Duplicator, a standalone duplication system with 200GB of removable storage capable of producing 11 DVDs or CDs simultaneously. The unit comes equipped with a 200GB KanguruDisk and is capable of storing multiple duplication jobs. The KanguruDisk, a removable hard drive, allows users to save images of their source discs to copy at any time, and provides the option of loading up to 40 full DVDs on the drive; ready to burn. The Kanguru 16x 1 to 11 DVD Duplicator is compatible with multiple formats including DVD + R, DVD –R, DVD +RW, DVD –RW, CD-R, and CD-RW. It is also packaged with PC and Mac Burning Software for all DVD and CD burning needs.

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