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Aspyr announces contest with new logo debut

Aspyr today debuted a new corporate logo, and in celebration are launching a contest. “We’re kicking off the launch of our new logo, with a fabulous contest,” says Aspyr. “We’re going bigger and bolder with our new logo, and we’re looking to project an attitude that expresses that. We’ve tossed around a few ideas here – for example, we ‘Aspyr’ to entertain the world… to set a good example… to create products that rule… to say please and thank you… to make Mom proud… to Wang Chung tonight… etc. Get the idea? Now we’re asking for your help.” Send your “Aspyrations” and register to win one of several prizes: iPod, iPod shuffle, Aspyr t-shirts, as well as the first game sporting the new logo — The Sims 2. Winners will be drawn randomly and announced in our June newsletter, the week of June 20th. The deadline for all entries is Friday, June 10th.

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