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Navicat 2005 (Database GUI Application) Released!

PremiumSoft is pleased to announce the release of Navicat 2005 (database
application for Mac OS X) today.

What’s new in this version:
Navicat 2005 (MySQL management tool) is released with few new features such
as SSH Tunnel, Data Synchronization and Built-in SQL Console. With SSH
Tunnel, database user can easily connect to their remote MySQL server
without the need of configuring the user privileges. A Synchronization
Manager is present to let user synchronize Data and Data Structure across
databases. A View Builder and built-in SQL Console is introduced to
facilitate the creation of View and managing of MySQL through command line.

The database management tool is an integrated GUI tool, which can perform
MySQL administration and database development, enabling to import/export to
and from different file formats, backup data, transfer database from server
to server, create visual sql queries and manage multiple databases on local
or remote MySQL server.

An evaluation version of Navicat for Mac OS X 10.1 or later is available
for download at

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