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InstallAnywhere 7 supports OS X Tiger

Zero G Software’s InstallAnywhere 7 Sets New Standard for Multiplatform
Software Deployment

Support for Over Seven New Platforms and Technologies, including Java 5.0
and Windows Installer (MSI) Among New Features of Industry-Leading
Multiplatform Software Installation Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, May 16, 2005 – Zero G Software today announced general
availability of InstallAnywhere 7, the latest version of its award-winning
multi-platform software deployment solution. With a host of new features
that allow the intelligent installation of software components and make
collaboration between different development teams even easier,
InstallAnywhere once again sets the standard for multiplatform software

“As the industry leader in multiplatform software deployment, Zero G
continues its commitment to the cross-platform software development
community by adding support for the latest versions of Java and Windows
Installer,” said Eric N. Shapiro, founder and CEO of Zero G. “New features
in InstallAnywhere 7 also make it easy for different applications to share
components when installed, ensuring consistent functionality while also
reducing installation footprint. With InstallAnywhere 7, today’s diverse
development teams can collaborate together by combining components into
individual product offerings and product suites.”

InstallAnywhere 7 allows developers to speed development, lower
installation costs, and increase customer satisfaction by providing a
consistent deployment experience on every platform. Over seven new
platforms are supported, including the latest versions of SuSE 9, RedHat
Enterprise Server 4.0 and Fedora, Solaris 10, Mac OS X Tiger. Both 32-bit
and 64-bit platforms are supported, such as AMD-64, Itanium, and PowerPC.
InstallAnywhere 7 continues to support virtually every other platform as
well, including AIX, HP-UX, NetWare, IRIX, Tru64, FreeBSD, and z/OS. For
software publishers and producers who require Windows logo certification,
InstallAnywhere 7 can now produce Windows Installer (MSI) packages
automatically, through integration with Zero G’s InstallAnywhere.NET.

“PTC has been using InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition since version 4.5,”
said John Huston, VP Technology, Parametric Technology Corporation (Nasdaq:
PMTC) “We chose InstallAnywhere because of its flexibility and
extensibility, support for both Windows and UNIX platforms, and the ability
to localize the installers for multiple languages. The installer IDE, the
ability to develop custom installer UI’s and actions in Java, as well as to
perform scripting with Ant allows us to meet the installation requirements
of both our server and desktop applications.”

Other new InstallAnywhere 7 features include:

* Java J2SE 5.0 support: InstallAnywhere can automatically install the J2SE
5.0 Java Virtual Machine for client and server applications

* Windows Installer (MSI) build option: Generate Windows Installer (MSI)
packages alongside native Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X installers

* Shared Components: Components can be shared between different
applications, ensuring consistency and reducing footprint

* Cross Product Dependencies: Installers can check prerequisites and
dependencies on other product installations and configurations

* Action Groups: Installation actions can be logically grouped together,
permitting several actions to share common rules and simplifying the
creation of complex installation solutions.

For a complete list of what’s new in InstallAnywhere 7, visit the company’s
website at

The InstallAnywhere Family

InstallAnywhere is available in three editions, all based on the same
award-winning installation technology. The editions are designed to
accommodate every need and budget, from large, multi-national enterprise
development teams and commercial software vendors, to the smallest
independent software authors.

InstallAnywhere Enterprise Edition – the world’s most powerful
multiplatform software deployment solution simplifies complex installations
and provides maximum developer customization, along with full international
support for 29 different languages. Available for US $2,999.

InstallAnywhere Standard Edition – ideal for client-side deployment with
common configuration options and support for 9 different languages.
Available for US $999.

InstallAnywhere.NET- creates pure Windows Installer (MSI) packages for
Windows, .NET, and next-generation applications. Available for US $999.

About Zero G Software

Zero G expertise and leadership is driving innovation in enterprise
software management, and transforming the way companies deploy, deliver,
and configure applications. The recognized leader in multiplatform software
deployment since 1996, Zero G’s award-winning line of enterprise-class
products includes InstallAnywhere, the de facto standard for multiplatform
installation; InstallAnywhere.NET, an innovative Windows Installer
solution; and PowerUpdate, the industry’s first multiplatform update tool.
Zero G solutions and services are relied upon by thousands of the world’s
top commercial software producers, including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Intel,
Novell, Borland, and Sun Microsystems. Privately-held Zero G Software, Inc.
is based in San Francisco, and can be reached at +1.415.512.7771, or at

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