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PC-Mac-Net FileShare v4.5


PC-Mac-Net FileShare v4.5 roars onto Mac OS, Windows and Linux

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA — May 11, 2005 — Lava Software is now shipping
PC-Mac-Net FileShare v4.5, a product which allows users to transfer
documents, MP3s, family movies, photo collections and other files easily
and securely between all varieties of Mac OS, Windows, and Linux computers
across LANs, across cities and across the world.

This major upgrade doubles file transfer speeds whilst using very little
computing power. New features include fast reconnection to previous users,
transfer of file permissions, bandwidth load balancing, more responsive
transfer speed readings, enhancements to the Mac OS Classic version, better
monitoring of incoming remote user connections, and various optimizations
and bug fixes. It is a free upgrade for all users.

Setup has also been simplified, with users generally able to share files
within minutes of installation. On home and small office networks, all
users on the network are automatically found and displayed, ready for file
sharing. To share files over the Internet, in most cases users simply enter
the same workgroup name and are connected together within seconds. To
ensure security, all access to files and file information is protected by
strong 896-bit encryption.

The free Lite Edition has a 10mb file size limit, supports workgroups with
up to 3 users and can be downloaded now from
Versions are available for Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS X (including
?Tiger?), Mac OS Classic (from Mac OS 8.6 upwards) and Linux (i86). The
Standard and Professional Editions have no file size limits, support large
workgroups, and offer some additional features.

Lava Software is currently offering a 2-for-1 special for individual
licenses of the Standard and Professional Editions – for each license you
order, you get an extra one free. The Standard Edition is priced at
USD24.95 and the Professional Edition is USD39.95. Professional Edition
site license packs are also available, starting at USD299.00 (20-user).
Free upgrades for one year are included in the price.

About the Company

Lava Software Pty. Ltd., a company incorporated in the State of South
Australia in 1997, offers software products across a range of key
application areas for all popular computer platforms. More information is
available from

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