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ShutterBug 1.1


ShutterBug Version 1.1 Takes Web Site Creation to New Levels With Over 50
New Enhancements

Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA — May 9, 2005 — ShutterBug Version 1.1,
with over 50 new enhancements and significant improvements to the user
interface, is now available for download from XtraLean Software at Based on customer feedback, a slew of new
practical features have been added that make content creation and
presentation for the web much easier. At $34 USD, ShutterBug is a
cost-effective, high quality solution for anyone who needs to publish their
content to the web with ease and no knowledge of HTML.

The innovative feature set equips users with a multitude of options and
choices for creating anything from web albums and photo journals to full
featured websites. Users can now create unique freeform collages, floating
pictures, centered square thumbnails with the same aspect ratio, add drop
shadows, and multi-line captions or comments. Slideshow images can have
picture frames, be top aligned and appear on the same page as thumbnails.
Freestyle slideshow captions and labels, second level navigation, more
editing options for captions, and 45 built in customizable themes are just
a few of the new and exciting features in ShutterBug.

The intuitive interface is packed with powerful tools that help get the job
done and increase productivity. The flexible design tools in the layout
editor support all levels of creative design from the novice to the pro,
while the content editor lets users build and edit text content in the same
way a word processor does. The web preview window allows users to review,
test, and upload a web site or just the changes with the one-click Send
button. Browser compatibility on multiple platforms is already built in to
ShutterBug’s output, removing the need to test websites in several external
browsers. Plus the addition of ‘Simple Mode’ allows for collaboration on
site files without affecting the design of the web site.

ShutterBug offers something for everyone, from photographers to
illustrators and artists, to professors, teachers, and those who simply
want to share their personal photos and experiences with others. For those
who want their own unique look and feel, the layout tools make it easy to
design anything from the positioning of each object on the page, to the
colors, menu animation, slideshow fades, to background images, and much
more. For those who just don’t have time to fuss with the design, a variety
of different themes are available from the built-in library, plus the new
template drawer allows for quick and stylish page customization. Automatic
collage settings, standard slideshow options, and the ability to add, edit,
and delete templates provide further means for quick and custom adjustments.

Other new feature highlights include image processing improvements,
streamlined tabbed user interface, object and center guidelines, auto
scroll, adjustable window panes, keyboard arrow key functionality, advanced
content editing options, plus much more.

ShutterBug V1.1 is available immediately and requires Mac OS X 10.3.6 or
higher. It has been tested and works on 10.4 (Tiger). ShutterBug supports
dot Mac accounts and WebDAV. A full-featured demo version of ShutterBug
that watermarks images with ‘Demo’ can be tried for free and downloaded
from A valid registration number
will remove the watermarks and can be purchased for $34 USD from XtraLean’s
online store at This is a free
update to registered ShutterBug users. To learn more about ShutterBug,
please visit XtraLean offers customer support,
help documentation, and welcomes all feedback on its current products.

About XtraLean Software, Inc.

Founded in 2002, XtraLean Software is a small software developer for the
Mac OS X platform with over a decade of experience in developing and
marketing leading edge applications on the alternative platform. XtraLean
Software is committed to creating affordable and innovative software for
Mac OS X users by providing slim and useful alternatives that give users
what they ask for.

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